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The batteries produced by our company are specially designed for low-speed and short-distance electric vehicles. The voltages are 36V, 48V, 60V, and 72V, and of course, they can also be customized by users. The battery capacity is also customized according to user preferences. Users have two choices, lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries. All batteries are new products of the first class, with sufficient power, long range, and long service life. We have prepared various connector and high-specification battery management systems for easy use and safety.

Three-Wheel Leisure Electric Vehicle.

Electric tricycles have quickly become a new travel option with their lightness, speed, and environmental protection, and are loved by many consumers.

1. Convenience

Electric tricycles are battery-driven, which is much more convenient than traditional motorcycles or bicycles. There is no need to pull the engine to start, just step on it lightly to travel happily. In addition, the body of the electric tricycle is lighter and more flexible to operate, which can easily travel in small roads and alleys, which is convenient and fast.

2. Endurance

Electric tricycles have extremely strong endurance. They are designed with lithium batteries and have a large charging capacity, which can travel long distances. Depending on the grade of electric tricycles, they can last 50-70 kilometers, people can normally recharge once a week.

3. Environmental protection

Electric tricycles are battery-driven, do not require fuel, and almost do not emit any exhaust pollution, which can effectively reduce air pollution. It can be said to be a green travel method.

4. Safety

Electric tricycles have higher seats and better vision, which can observe road conditions more clearly and are safer in avoiding traffic accidents.

5. Low price

The price of electric tricycles is much lower than that of traditional motorcycles, which can meet the needs of different consumers and is more easily accepted by the majority of consumers.

Advantages of electric four-wheelers

Environmental protection and energy saving:  driven by lithium batteries, no emissions, no pollution, and environmentally friendly.

Affordable:  Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, the charging cost of electric vehicles is very low. At the same time, electric vehicles have a simple mechanical structure and are easy to maintain, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost in long-term use.

Driving experience: The electric motor of the electric four-wheeler responds quickly without delay, accelerates smoothly and does not have the frustration of traditional internal combustion engines, giving the driver a smoother and more pleasant driving experience. At the same time, they are almost noiseless during operation.

Easy to park: These vehicles are small in size and highly flexible, and can easily maneuver even on narrow or crowded roads, helping to ease urban traffic pressure and reduce environmental and energy waste caused by congestion.

Wide application scenarios: The versatility of electric four-wheelers makes them suitable for a variety of occasions. Home users rely on them to complete daily travel such as going to work, school or shopping; in the commercial field, they can undertake the tasks of express delivery and cargo transfer to improve transportation efficiency; in the tourism industry, electric vehicles also provide tourists with a new sightseeing option.

Adapt to various road surfaces: The advantages of four-wheel drive are particularly obvious on complex terrain and slippery roads. Since all four wheels can be driven independently, the four-wheel drive electric flat car has better grip and passability. In harsh environments, the four-wheel drive electric flat car can travel stably to ensure the safe delivery of goods.

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